Are you looking to create a printout of your favorite family photo or create a new piece of art that will really stand out from the crowd? One way you could make your next photo or art print draw extra attention would be to use a unique material to print it on. Here's why you should look into one of the various types of metal printing that might be available from a local art expert or print shop.

Explore Different Textures and Finishes

First, what can make a metal print really stand out from a photo printed on photo paper or art on a traditional canvas? Metal printing allows you to use a wide variety of different textures or finishes to create something truly unique. You could go with polished, matte, or something else from a texture standpoint to create the perfect look. As far as types of metal goes, you could use titanium, gold, silver, stainless steel, or a variety of other options, depending on what you are going for. You can likely find a combination that will help show off your photo or art and become the centerpiece of any room it's in.

Metal Can Offer Durability and Strength

A metal print that is protected and kept in good condition could last for many, many years and become a treasured possession that you pass down to future generations. Some metals may be much more durable and stronger than the average canvas or paper-based print. Some metals like aluminum might be ideal for putting up a piece of art or a metal photo print outdoors. There are certain metals where you won't have to worry about exposure to the elements or the development of corrosion, and the metal will likely stand up to sunlight much better over time than any paper-based print. The strength that metal provides may also allow you to print something larger than normal, knowing it will maintain its strength throughout the print.

Get Complex

Metal could also be used to print out a 3D piece of art that takes artistic possibilities to a different level entirely. You could combine your artwork with other types of technology or lighting to create something that paper-based prints simply aren't capable of.

Reflective or Flashy

Your art or photo could also be used to play off of natural or artificial light. It could be polished in a way to make it extra reflective or flashy or for the art to look different in the daytime vs at night.

Contact a metal printing supplier to discuss your options.